Friday, May 24, 2019

Third time lucky

It seems that the Liberals, who have a meeting scheduled for the Centro Social Integrado at the same time, have  objected to the PP holding their meeting outside in the Plaza de la Concordia.

The suggestion is that the PP meeting should now take place in the Sala Polivalente in the Auditorio Francisco Grau but I have yet to see confirmation of that on Facebook.

Special thanks

In addition to my thanks for your attendance last night, I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those of you who took the time to thank me for this blog especially Jim Ryder.

My first post was made on January 6th 2006. Since then I have written 7,373 articles.

I apologise for the odd misspelling and for any grammatical errors that you find. In my defence, I would point out that some national newspapers do a lot worse than I do. 

Once more, I would like to thank Jim Ryder for his kind words. I hope that the 1st of June is a red letter day for you and your family!

Please take care

Work has begun to install lighting on the Vereda el Molino as far as the Municipal Sports Centre.

You are advised to take care as you drive along that route during the next two weeks.

Once the work is completed, speed bumps will be installed to make it a safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Closures and parking

This one is for Saturday. 

The final push

Today, each of the parties in contention will be making their final push for your votes on Sunday. The Liberals will hold their meeting in the Centro Social Integrado and the PSOE will be in the Plaza Constitucion. I haven't seen any information at all about Cuidanos.

The PP had originally intended to hold their meeting in the Parque Huerta del Cura. However, following an objection from the PSOE, it has been moved to the Plaza de la Concordia.

A huge thank you

On behalf of my wife Pam, I should like to thank all of those residents who took the trouble to go up to the Restaurant La Pedrera for the meeting last night. It was very kind of you all to show such support for her candidacy.

I'd also like to thank Teresa Maria Belmonte Sanchez, Teresa Moya Moya and the other candidates for being there to answer questions and concerns that people have before the election on Sunday.

It has been a long while since the residents here have had an opportunity to make their voices heard, last night put that right. There were legitimate concerns raised which the Mayor listened to carefully. I firmly believe that the valuable points that people raised will not be ignored and will, where possible, be acted upon in due course

As I said last night, Teresa has worked long and hard to improve the town and resurrect it from the mess that is was in. She strikes me as one of those rare politicians that actually put the needs of the the town before their own personal political ambitions.

I will certainly be voting for her and I hope you do too. Thank you all once again for turning up and supporting Pamela.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

More documents on show

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Oh dear

Some people just don't photograph well.

The day after Teresa May tells of the changes she has made to try and win votes for her Brexit plan, most of the British newspapers have savaged her.

One of the most Tory newspapers out there leads the pack with this front page story entitled, Desperate, deluded, doomed.

Just to reinforce the point, they have included three images which I am certain Mrs May would prefer them not to publish.

I am no fan of Teresa May but I think that this is just a tad cruel. Imagine the lady's reaction when she sees this.

PS In their reaction to this new proposal. some MPs have chosen colourful expressions. The best I have read came from Green MP Caroline Lucas  who said Ms May had done no more than “put lipstick on a pig”.

The PP manifesto

Dirty tricks

It seems that members of a rival party (not the PSOE) have been delivering envelopes with voting papers inside telling the recipients that they are votes for the PP.

Fortunately, someone checked the contents of the envelopes and reported the matter to the Partido Popular.

This is not the only scam that people get up to in elections here in Spain. It is common practice for people to try and vote more than once by visiting different polling stations

In the recent General Election, one town recorded a turnout which was greater than the number of eligible voters.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I was shocked

I have to confess that it has been a few years since I last walked around our urbanisation.

This afternoon, Pam and I did a quick tour in the car following Pam's walk around last night.

Most of the houses have been well maintained and look every bit as smart as they did when they were first constructed. There are others though that have been altered beyond belief and no longer fit in with the original scheme, e.g. garden walls that have been built up in ways that make them incongruous with their neighbours.

We also saw constructions close to boundary walls. When we wanted to replace our wooden shed with a brick built one, we were refused permission on the basis that we could not have a permanent structure closer that 3 metres from any of the boundaries.

The derelict houses and the land surrounding them give the appearance of an area in decline. To add to that, the sorry state of some of the pavements and the rut across Canada de Andrea makes the urbanisation look sadly less appealing than it once did.

The Council has some responsibility for the state of Villas Andrea and I am sure that will be conveyed to the current Mayor at the meeting on Thursday. However, I believe the owners of properties must also take a share of responsibility for the overall appearance of Villas Andrea.

Next meeting for the Liberals

Voting this weekend

As you are no doubt aware, Sunday, 26th May is yet another polling day here in Spain. This time we are being asked to select both a local council and representatives to the European Parliament.


You should have received cards in the post that tell you where your polling station is and which table you should go to. In our case, we will be going to the Auditorium Francisco Grau, Mesa C.

Polling stations will be open from 9am to 8pm and there will be people there to guide you to the right room.

How to vote

You will likely have received envelopes with voting papers in them from the main parties*. These will either have been delivered to your door or put in your letterbox.

Pam and Teresa, as candidates for the PP, have been round to most of you by now. If you missed them though or they missed you, I'm sure there will be papers available for you at the meeting this Thursday in the Restaurant Camping La Pedrera at 9pm.

The blue envelopes and papers are for the European election and the white ones are for the local election.

The papers for the Partido Popular

You can either use these to vote or you can pick up envelopes and papers at the polling station, it is up to you.


A passport is the most acceptable form of identity for those of us who do not have a Spanish DNI card but you could take your Spanish driving license instead. The important thing is that the document has a photograph and it MUST NOT be a photocopy.

Unless you are determined to make a protest vote, please make sure you have the appropriate voting papers in the envelopes and that you have not written on them. Put them in the right boxes and you are done.

Whilst you are down in the town, why not pop along to the Parque Huerta del Cura and find out what the Hawaii Market is all about.

* Remember, you are not voting for a particular person, you are voting for a party. The number of seats that each party will win will depend on the percentage of votes they receive. 

Monday, May 20, 2019

This week’s round of meetings

Something for the weekend

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Sports Centre gets some attention

It is 40 years since the municipal sports centre was first built. At last, the access to it is getting a covering of asphalt. The first phase, covering 65% of its surface, has already been completed. The perimeter walls have been repaired and the perimeter wall of the football field has been painted.  On Tuesday an electronic scoreboard will be installed.

The second phase will begin next week with the design and construction of an athletics track,  lighting on the Vereda del Molino and the placement of speed reducers for greater safety of the users of the sports centre.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Swimming courses for this summer

The PSOE manifesto

Tonight's meetings

Tonight's meetings are as follows: the PP will be at the Parque Santa Ana, the Socialists will be at Calle Antonio Maura and the Liberals will be at Parque de la Cruz