Thursday, June 04, 2020

Going to the beach

Guardamar beaches are open but you MUST obey the rules if you go there.

I think they should make some of those rules permanent. E.g, stop people going down at the crack of dawn to set up camp only to then saunter down about midday. 

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

IKEA Warrington

They opened the store yesterday, just look at the queue to get in. 

Monday, June 01, 2020

The new rules

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Were you convinced?

I listened to Dominic Cummings press briefing yesterday. Was I convinced by his story? No, not at all.

He tried to come over as a caring husband and father making difficult decisions to protect them. Unfortunately there were  far too many holes in his story to make it convincing

We all saw Cummings run out of 10 Downing Street. That was apparently in response to a phone call from his wife to say she was ill with suspected coronavirus symptoms. When he got home she felt better so he returned to work. Mistake number 1. If you or any of your family suspect symptoms of the virus, you must self isolate for 14 days. You should definitely not go back to work.

Cummings claimed  there was nobody in London he could turn to for help with childcare. Yet, his brother-in-law lives nearby and surely there must have been others who could have helped.

He says that he did not inform the PM of his intentions until a week later when they had a conversation over the phone. How many of us would simply walk out of our job, take ourselves to another part of the country without at least informing the boss? In fact, since Cummings claimed he was not ill, it would have been more appropriate to ask permission. If Johnson was too ill, he could have spoken to Dominic Raab.

Cummings obviously thought he was too important to the Westminster machine to stay way for too long so he decided to return. However, he claims to have had concerns about his eyesight so he drove to Barnard Castle on the day of his wife's birthday to see if he was safe to drive. Unfortunately he was spotted there otherwise we would probably have been none the wiser about this excursion. Actually, it beggars belief  that anyone who thought they might be unsafe to drive would go out for a drive to check - surely he could have come up with a better story than this.

He claimed that his wife was not insured to drive the Discovery and yet we do know that she does drive and in any case, it would have taken a five minute phone call to get cover for her so she could drive back to London rather than him.

On the way back from the trip to Barnard Castle, his son needed the toilet so they stopped and  got out of the car.  Coincidentally, they didn't need to make a similar toilet stop on the journey from London to Durham nor on the return. In fact they didn't even need to stop for petrol until the return when he had a vague recollection of calling in at a service station.

The get out clause in the regulations that he said allowed him to drive to Durham did not exist until after his return. The original clause about children referred specifically to children in danger of abuse.

Both Cummings and No 10 claimed that the police had no knowledge of what had happened until after Durham Police confirmed that a phone call had been made to Mr Cumming's father regarding his son's presence at the home.

Even his claim to have warned about the possible threat of a coravirus on his blog does not hold water because the sentence that he referred to was added much later.

Both he and the PM have sat on this story for 5 weeks knowing that it was controversial. Clearly they hoped that it would go away and did not count on witnesses seeing Mr Cummings out and about.

When pressed time after time during the briefing, Cummings insisted that he had nothing to apologise for and was certainly not going to resign.

Should we believe his story? Given the whopping big lie he created about 350m for the NHS during the referendum that he later admitted to, I don't think so.There are more holes in this story than in a Swiss cheese.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Did it spoil your peace?

Those of you who were at home today, especially those that were outside, will have probably heard the disco blaring away and may have wondered where it came from.

It was my neighbour in the house previously owned by the Woodens.

I can only conclude that he must be deaf. Not only was the music loud, they were shouting at the top of their voices. I hope it didn’t spoil your day.

From the local police


Following the new BOE update for the easing of several restrictions established in Phase 1, our municipality DOES NOT meet the basic requirements.

Despite having less than 10001 inhabitants, BIGASTRO has a much higher population density than the maximum required to move on to the next phase.

SCHEDULES FOR WALK AND SPORT STAY THE SAME. Just like the rest of Phase 1. restrictions

We also recommend not listening to releases that are not from official agencies as they can be contradictory and confusing.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Monday, May 18, 2020

High speed

As you know, we have three different fibre optic cable connections to choose from at Villas Andrea.

The original one was installed by Bitel and did not enjoy widespread take up.

Since then, Telfy and Vega Fibra have installed fibre cables.

They both offer something slightly different:

Telfy offer 100Mbs for 19.95 Euros per month,  300Mbs for 25.72 or  600Mb for 34.90. Vegafibra offer 600Mbs for 24.90 per month and 1000 Mbs for 29.90 (all prices plus tax).

They both  offer other packages which include combinations of  a landline, Internet , a mobile phone and local TV. at varying prices

As an incentive, Vega Fibra offer free installation and the first three months free if you sign up for an 18 month contract. I don't believe that Telfy offer anything similar.

I opted for the gigabit package from Vega Fibra and took advantage of their free installation/free months offer.

To be honest, 1000Mbs is over egging the pudding by quite a margin. In fact, 100Mbs is sufficient, even if you are streaming video. My friend in Liverpool says that his school has  550 computers sharing a 1Gbs connection without issues.

How would I rate Vega Fibra? I would give them 10/10. The engineer arrived on time and installed the connection without fuss.

However, I wanted something different to the norm, I wanted the supplied Huawei router to act  just as a modem to my wi-fi router in the room where my computer is located. The installer did not have the knowledge to make this work so I called Vega Fibra who sent out an engineer who did understand what I wanted and was able to achieve it.

One week later, the connection has remained rock solid and is as close to the maximum contracted for as possible.

As you will know, the actual speed is governed by factors other than your connection so my surfing experience has not dramatically changed. I am however confident that the bottleneck will never be at my end. Also, uploading pictures and videos will be dramatically improved.

Would I recommend Vega Fibra? On the basis of the service I received, yes - without reservation. Am I being sponsored by Vega Fibra? No, definitely not.