Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fifty years on

In 1960, Torrevieja was just a fishing town with a population of 9,234 (in 2008 =104,000) . Other than fishing, the main industry at that time was the salt works. There were no high rise flats and very few tourists.

When cars became more affordable, a few of the residents moved away but still called Torrevieja home. Torrevieja held its first gathering for those that had moved away in 1960. Now fifty years years later, many of those who had left returned, some for the first time and the town hall organised a full week of activities for them.

The week started with a visit to Torre del Moro.The mayor of Torrevieja, Pedro Hernandez Mateo, the Salt Reinasde Brotherhood of Alicante, with almost all the mayors of the area, municipal representatives from the cities of Mieres and Pola de Siero and a large group of Torrevejenses, led by Gil Vicente Eduardo Rizo, winner of last years "Diego Ramírez award, unveiled a plaque in honour to those who made the dream of returning to Torrevieja, a reality, exactly 50 years on.

Later on, the entourage moved to Calle Torrevejenses Ausentes, where another plaque was dedicated. The week was celebrated in style with a DVD presentation, Choirs, Orchestras, performances, theatre and dinners.

A special exhibition of old photos and artefacts, showing Torrevieja as she was over fifty years ago is on display in the Vista Alegre Exhibition Centre. Entrance is free and the exhibition is open until January 7, 2011.

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