Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just a warning

You may have read about the scam that has been taking place on the coast where bogus gas inspectors have tried to dupe money out of people. Some have even been aggressive demanding payment for the work.

I’m told that one or two people on our estate have had phone calls from a person who says he is working for Vitogas and needs to make an appointment to come and inspect the gas fittings.

You will recall that the last inspection was carried out by BP and we had a letter explaining that an inspector would call, so it is possible this one is a scam.

One of our neighbours tried to advise Vitogas about the calls but they just wanted the contract number to arrange in inspection even though it was explained that she was not asking for one.

Maybe if someone else gets a call they can get a name (even though it may be false) and especially a phone number which we could pass on to the police or the guardia for them to check out.

Of course this could be all above board since an inspection of the gas supply is required by law every four to five years but still it pays to be cautious.

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