Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Put this in your diary

One of the director's aims when he joined was to win some prizes with the band. Next year he will have the chance to scoop up the prestigious provincial prize in the annual competition.

Bands for this are selected by drawing their names from a hat. Bigastro was chosen because it had missed out in previous years.

The date is the 5th March, the location is the fabulous auditorium in Alicante where the band played earlier this year.

As it happens, the 5th March is my granddaughter Molly's birthday and normally we would fly over to Manchester to be there on the day. However, this is too important an occasion to miss and so we will make some other arrangements for her birthday.  

I would wish them best of luck but in truth it will be sheer hard work and hours of practise that will get them the result they deserve.

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