Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Turning up the heat

I don't have to tell those of you who live here that it has just got hotter. Yesterday it was forecast to reach 38 ºC here in Bigastro, today is expected to be cooler but then hot again on Wednesday. After that it should cool down with temperatures of 25 and 27 for the weekend.

It is not just here though that the heat has been turned up, seven provinces were on a yellow warning (the lowest of the three in the system) for high temperatures on Wednesday. Most at risk are Córdoba, Seville, Jaén and Granada, were the mercury could reach 39ºC, while in Badajoz, Zaragoza and Valencia temperatures of between 36 and 38ºC are forecast.

AEMET is also expecting that temperatures will be “significantly high” in the Ebro Valley and in the southern part of the peninsula, especially in the Guadalquivir Valley. This situation will continue until Wednesday in some areas of the peninsula, but AEMET sources say that “it will not be a heatwave.”

The temperatures are likely to continue to rise in most of the country, and it is likely that the highs will exceed 32 or 34ºC in areas of the Guadalquivir Valley.

The two original air conditioning units in our house have been spitting out what looks like black soot for the last couple of years and so we ordered new units earlier this year. Unfortunately, the units we ordered are no longer available and so the order was changed to their replacements. The new units are now in stock but we are still waiting for them to be fitted - damn! We could really do with them at the moment.

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