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Getting ready - important information

I'm sure most of you will be aware that the 26th May will be election day here in Spain. On that day we will be voting for both the municipal council and the European Parliament. When I say we, I mean those of us who are eligible to vote and are included on the electoral roll.

Nationals of European countries and those from countries that a reciprocal agreement with Spain are entitled to vote. Note that, even though Britain may have left the EU by then, we will still be able to vote because the reciprocal agreement has already been made.

There are three ways in which we can vote; on the Internet, by post and in person at the Town Hall (or  designated polling station). Of the three, voting in person is by far the most simple.

However, in order to vote you will need to be registered to vote by the 30th of January.  Those nationals from countries that have a reciprocal agreement need to register by the 15th January.

To register on the Padron you need;

a) an up to date identity document - identity card or passport.
b) a document that proves your address
c) the title deed, water or electricity bill or your SUMA bill. Please note that this document must be in your name.

Your copy of the Padron MUST BE less than five years old so if the last time you obtained a copy was when you first arrived here, it will probably need renewing.

If you go to the Town Hall, you can check that you are still recorded on the Padron and also check your eligibility to vote in the forthcoming elections.

PS Taken from the following official document provided by the Town Hall along with their fuller explanation in Spanish.


General information

The Padron (Inhabitant Municipal Census) is the administrative registration where all the neighbours of the town are. Its data are proof of the residence in the municipality and of the address. The document is issued as a public and reliable document for all administrative purposes. Everyone who usually lives in Spain is obliged to register in the Padron of the Town Hall where they live


Law 7/1985 of 2 April regulating the Local System.
Regulation on Population and Demarcation of Local Entities (Royal Decree 1690/1986, of July 11).
Organic Law 14/2003 of November 20, reform of the Organic Law 4/2000.
Resolution of 30 January 2015, of the President of the National Institute of Statistics and the Directorate General for the Coordination of Competences with the Autonomous Regions and Local Authorities on technical instructions to the municipalities on management of the Municipal Register.
Organic Law 14/2003 of November 20, reform of the Organic Law 4/2000.


EU citizens:
Updated identity document (passport or identity card).
Document proving an address (a home of your property or rented home):
*Property: title deed, water or electricity bills or SUMA bill of the house. (These documents must be in the owner’s name)
*Rented home: updated rental agreement.
Once registered on the Padron, citizens have three months to apply for the Residence Certificate (or card) in Spain. Once you have got it, you can sign on for the electoral roll if you are interested in voting in Spain.
The Padron must be renewed every five years.

Non-EU citizens:
Updated identity document (passport) or Residence card.
Document proving an address (See above)
Padron must be renewed every two years, if you have not got the permanent residence in Spain. If you have it, the padron will be renewed when it expires.

Right to vote at the European and Local elections. Derecho a la asistencia e inserción social.
Right to social servicies and social assistance.
Right to public school.
Right to public services, such as ambulance, SIP card, improvements for the municipality.


Everyone who would like to get the SIP card must go to the SIP Card Information Point at the Town Hall or to the nearest medical centre

In the Local Elections as well as in the European ones, you will be able to vote if you are:
Spanish over 18 years old.
An EU citizen with the Residence certificate in Spain, with your padron and if you have applied to enrol for the electoral roll.
A citizen from a country with reciprocity agreements to vote in the Local Elections.

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