Saturday, August 31, 2019

Flesh on the bone please

We know there is at least one fibre optic cable in the Telefonica trunking because we saw it being laid. I recall seeing a cable being laid previously by a company called Bitel who have an office in Bigastro. Now there is a second cable put there by Vega Fibra.

The leaflets in our boxes set out the bare bones of the deal - symmetrical connection (unlike ADSL) of 300Mb for 24,90 or for speed demons 600Mb for 29,90. Both with free installation.

It seems you can add on a mobile contract as well and pay nothing until 2020.

 What we need to know though is a bit more about the deal, an explanation in English would be useful.

For example, can we dispense with the Telefonica connection and the line rental and just pay for an internet connection? Will Vega Fibra install just a cable modem or will they supply a wi-fi router? How long do we have to contract for?

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Chris Fair said...

Signed up yesterday! It's a WiFi router. They will give you a landlines for 9.90 per month if you want to keep one. I have a full price list and info but can't send it to you as I don't have your email.