Saturday, December 07, 2019

Take heart

Those of you who live at Villas Andrea and have issues with water pressure can now take heart. President Trump has told a press conference that the measures to save water in America mean that you have to flush the toilet 10 to 15 times to clear the bowl. So, even the most powerful country in the world has problems with water pressure.

At the same conference Trump claimed that energy saving light bulbs make him look orange. As a vain person,, he does not want to look orange and so he has ordered  bulbs in the White House to be replaced with older bulbs that are more flattering.

This morning Boris Johnson said in an interview with the Daily Mail that he will introduce legislation to allow the use of imperial measurements post Brexit. Although he admits that most people understand metric measurements, this does not mean that they should be banned from using e.g.pounds and ounces if they want to.

Please Johnson don't do it, maths teachers will not thank you if they have to go back to teaching inperial measurements alongside the metric system.  

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