Monday, April 06, 2020

My reply

Many thanks to William D Taylor who replied to my story yesterday about our dear departed friend Antonio.

It seems that William and I share a lot in common, we both graduated with B.Ed degrees and taught in innner city schools. He has a flat in Alicante where he stayed only a few weeks ago.

I hope that William is staying safe and that he will soon be able to return to his home in the sun.

I also had a comment recently from someone who wanted to remain anonymous regarding my piece about Brits behaving badly.

My reader got the impression that I was a fan of Boris Johnson. Let me put you straight on that point! I am neither a fan of Johnson, nor his aide Cummings; nor am I a fan of Gove, Patel and Rees Mogg.

Having said that, I do wish Johnson well and hope he makes a full recovery from coronavirus. However much I disagree with their politics and selfish, self serving naked ambition, I do not wish ill of any of these people.

Unlike some readers of the Express and the Mail, I don't harbour hatred for any politicians I disagree with.  

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