Saturday, December 17, 2022

Highly recommended

 I have mentioned Caminsat before on this blog. The technician, Jose Maria has serviced our central heating boilers for a number of years now. We have a contract with him that costs us 108 Euros per year. 

When the original boiler was 11 years old, we decided to have it replaced and Jose Maria suggested the Fondital Delphis as an option. 

We have had the new boiler since 2014. It came with a six year guarantee which expired in 2020. That means that we now have to pay for parts but the labour costs are covered by our annual contract. 

Recently, the boiler was intermittently coming up with error code E78 which indicated that the pump was blocked. When Jose Maria came out, the boiler was working perfectly so he suggested that I waited and called him again when the fault returned. 

When the fault returned, I called Jose Maria. He came out and suggested that we may need a new pump. 

Yesterday, he returned for a third time and fitted a new pump but unfortunately, that did not cure the problem. 

So this morning (Saturday), he returned and diagnosed the problem to be actually with a sensor. Having replaced the sensor, he changed the pump back to the original. 

I would guess that most technicians would had left the new pump in place and charged for it along with the other parts required. We would have ended up paying for a part we did not need. 

In all, not including his travelling time, Jose Maria has worked on our boiler for over five hours - all at a cost of 108 Euros. 

Hopefully, next year he will only need to service the boiler!


Spoke too soon. 

After Jose Maria left, I noticed that the cold water inlet to the boiler was leaking a little water. The next morning (Sunday), the pressure had dropped and the boiler would not come on. Rather than re-pressurise the system and risk more water leaking, I sent a message. 

This morning (Monday) Jose Maria came out again and sorted the problem out. 

I did apologise to him for all the trouble we had caused. He insisted that it wasn't our fault and that is what we have a contract for. 

We gave him a box of chocolates and wished him a Merry Christmas. 

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