Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We may need a clean sweep

image The Judge controlling the investigation into the 'Operation Gürtel' corruption case that has rocked the Partido Popular at national and regional levels, has stepped down to allow the Superior Court of Justice in Valencia, TSJ, to investigate regional president Francisco Camps for coercion and electoral fraud.

Madrid-based judge, Antonio Pedreira, said the investigation into Sr Camps, which was originally about the receipt of suits and other clothing, should be expanded to cover suspected coercion, electoral fraud and abuse of his position.

Sr Pedreira says new information has come to light that the TSJ did not know when it first made a ruling over the involvement of Sr Camps and other senior PP figures in the corruption scandal. Because of this he says the charges should go further than those allowed for under Article 426 of the penal code.

The more you read, the more you wonder whether there is any area of politics in this country which is free from corruption. Endemic corruption could well be a major cause of the economic problems that the country faces.

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