Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Another reason to live in Spain

The UK recently introduced new, stricter, guidelines for alcohol consumption. Compare them with those of Spain which, to my mind at least, are more realistic.

The problem with the UK guidelines is that I fear many will simply ignore them. Only those who are more obsessed with their health than the majority will take note.

The main issue in Britain, in my opinion, is the prevalence of "binge drinking" amongst young people which I would think is potentially more damaging than consistent moderate drinking.

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Pete said...

Binge drinking is without doubt a problem, but it's not the root of all evil that it's often painted as. You don't really get chronic liver disease from binge drinking - that's more the people drinking two bottles of whisky a day every day - and we're seeing it in younger and younger people. I've heard tales of people in their twenties. Incredible.