Friday, June 30, 2006

Confession time

Number 1:- It was I who bought something. Well three things really. I got two vests to wear in the garden and a pair of flip flops. Total cost 11,70€ (£8.07) - how cheap is that? Wearing a vest, the flip flops and my man bag I look so camp I even fancy myself.

Pam did order a pair of presciption sunglasses though. The first pair she looked at were 160€ for the frame and 230€ each lens for varifocals (total cost £427.80). Thankfully the lady in the shop suggested a cheaper alternative at 132€ (£91) phew!

Pam obviously thought that she had been very frugal. So when we got to the Habaneras she said she was going to the ladies'. Half an hour later she reappeared having just popped into H & M. Sadly for her the shorts she was looking for were not in stock.

Confession number 2:- We made our third visit to McDonald's for a bite to eat. Our excuse is that there is a promotion running at the moment where you get a free Coca Cola glass with every McMenu. Having already got two it seemed sensible to return to get two more. Actually when I think about it six would make a sensible set. Now which McMenus should we have?

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