Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some more stories

You may be able to help me with some of these:-

  • We won't be getting telephones at Villas Andrea because somebody in the Town Hall thinks that other parts of the town have a higher priority. Now we all know that wasn't true.
  • Telefonica will not install any telephones until Calle Escocia is repaired. Now we all know that wasn't true either.
  • The Town Hall spent so much money on the election that there was little left for the Fiesta.
  • The people who built the six town houses have gone bankrupt. This one then goes on to say that the houses will be demolished.
  • There are plans to build a Mercadona across the road from the houses on Calle Holanda.
  • They are building a new health centre and a language school on the land to the left coming up from the town.
  • The company that are building Los Altos de la Pedrera have been given the land the other side of Calle Escocia to build four more houses.
  • There is an underground stream that runs under some of the houses.
  • They are going to build a shop on the corner of Inglaterra and Alemania.
  • The solar panels by the playground power all the street lights on the estate.
  • The builders put us on Green electricity because they got a "cut back" from Ibderola.
  • They are building a new road coming up from the cemetery to Villas Andrea.
  • Since the 200 houses on the Pedrera have been blocked, the new school is now too big so they will be bringing children in from neighbouring towns.
  • I thought the best one was that they were building a mosque on the corner of Holanda and Canada de Andrea.
Does anybody know a) where these stories come from and b) which, if any, are true?

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