Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Almost a moment of accord

According to accounts in the papers, the council meeting last night was, by Bigastro standards, relatively calm. Although there were arguments across the floor, the meeting carried on without expulsions and without police intervention.

One of the hot topics was the implication that Bigastro was somehow involved in the Brugal case which in fact has  turned out be about an alleged payment to the PP by the industrialist Ángel Fenoll. 

Aurelio Murcia, spokesperson of the PP countered the accusation made against him by reminding the socialist group that there are still five cases open against them including four which involve the present mayor. The main case being the alleged embezzlement of 850,000 Euros from the municipal coffers by the ex mayor, José Joaquín Moya.

The other main topic of concern was the lack of “niches” in the town cemetery. The mayor explained that they had requested money from the Caja de Cooperación de la Diputación Provincial to build new niches. Murcia urged that this matter needed attention before 2011 when the town’s debt could well rise to a level where they will not be allowed to spend.  Otherwise there will be nowhere to bury the dead in Bigastro.

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