Sunday, September 12, 2010

A labour of love

Having taken lots of photographs of the christening of our granddaughter, I wanted to make a little DVD of a selection from them.

First task open Windows Movie Maker - not the best program I will grant you but it is simple to use and does most of what I wanted. Then insert the photographs in the right order and add the transitions between each one. A few titles added, it was time to select some music and record that into the project.

After a bit of tidying up it was time to burn the video onto a DVD. Now that takes a lot of processor power so it is best to leave the computer to do its thing.

The finished result looked good except there were a couple of changes I needed to make to the titles. That done all I had to do was burn it again. The results though were less than satisfactory -  the DVD stuck when it was played back.

By this time I was getting tired of this project and should have just saved my work and done something else but I didn’t. The results were awful and to make matters worse I had mistakenly saved the project over the original and lost all my work.

So back to the drawing board and start all over again which is what I have done this morning. This time I used Windows Live Movie Maker which is a newer version of the program. The results are better but still not perfect. At this point I admit to being stuck and frustrated to say the least. I hate the idea of sending people something that is not good.

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