Saturday, September 27, 2014

A mere gesture

After a heated debate in the House of Commons yesterday, MPs voted almost unanimously to allow intervention in Iraq by British aircraft. It seems that six Tornado aircraft will be engaged in bombing strategic targets.

David Cameron said that the war against ISIL will last for years not months and that future prime ministers will still be facing difficult decisions about this matter.

The sad fact is that he is right, the problem lies in Syria and is so deep rooted that it will take a massive change of culture in the country to defeat the terrorists. Air strikes might curtail the current problem but they are hardly likely to stop it. The people in those countries are the only ones who can eventually clear up this mess.

The good think is that, this time, the people of Britain are not being lied to as they were when Tony Blair told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction they could unleash at any time against the West.

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