Monday, September 29, 2014

Learning all the time

As I have said before, one of the reasons we wanted to live in a place like Bigastro is because traditions and culture are still alive in small Spanish towns. Live on the coast or in places like Quesada and you could easily miss out on all of this.

Each year Pam and I learn more about the events that take place annually in the town, occasions that increase our insight into bigastrense life and show us what is important to the Spanish people here.

Yesterday I went down to take photos of the procession that took place following mass in the church. It seems that, the last weekend in September, the church holds a fiesta in honour of the Virgin Mary after whom the church is named.

In the procession is the statue of Mary holding the baby Jesus carried by members of the Brotherhood of the Virgin. It is the same statue that is carried during the Encuentro. The fiesta queens also take part in the parade, dressed in the gowns for the coronation but with cream mantillas on their heads. Members of the town council join in along with many of the townsfolk carrying lighted candles. As you would expect, the town band provides the music.

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