Thursday, October 30, 2014

Improvements made the town worse

The reform of Calle Purisima in Bigastro cost 400,000 euros; 300,000 from the government's FEIL fund and 100,000 from Alicante.

Once completed, it was clear that the work was far from satisfactory. The granite setts used were uneven and tricky to walk on, they weren't even laid properly and the sand between them was soon washed away. It is fair to say that the original setts, suitably cleaned up, would have been much better.

Once the street was complete, granite blocks were placed in strategic places for people to sit on but those have been moved so they no longer serve their purpose. Planters were also included which are now largely empty save for the soil in them and speakers were strung up along the street to provide music for the shoppers.

In all, the reform of the town's main street was a disaster, almost as bad as the new fountain which is now an eyesore.

There was no other choice but to dig the granite setts up along part of Purisima and lay tarmac instead - what a complete waste of money. I have no idea what plans there are to make good the fountain.

Far from improving the town, the reformations have made things worse. You could never say that Bigastro was an attractive town when we first arrived.  Now it is downright ugly in parts. Although there are a lot of things that bigastrense can be proud of, the look of the town is not one of them.

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