Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thanks to BC and Joan

The M60 at 5pm is a nightmare but the journey along it was worth it to enjoy a splendid meal in good company.

Joan and BC are the parents of our son-in-law David. By coincidence, they happen to be ex teachers like Pam and I. BC was a Head of Geography and Joan, the Headteacher of a RC Primary School.

Apart from the shared background, we also have a lot of other things in common and so get on like a house on fire. 

It was very kind of them to invite us over to share a meal with them and what a meal it was. Chicken and chorizo casserole served with peas and green beans hit the spot. Then the most delicious chocolate cake with ice cream and fresh cream.  

We are very grateful to them both for taking so much trouble.

Now we all await the birth of our first grandson which should be any day. It will be an occasion to remember with the traditional wetting of the head to follow. 

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