Sunday, October 12, 2014

Such a beautiful day

After the incident on the plane that I spoke of yesterday, the wedding of Sarah and Wayne was such a contrast.

As we arrived at the venue, the weather was being kind to us. The ceremony itself was very relaxed and quite informal. Then we retired to a room upstairs for drinks and the rain started. The photographer was hoping for a break in the weather so that he could get the group shots and pictures of the bride and groom. It came just in the nick of time before the light started to fade.

Having got the photos over with, we could then sit down for the wedding breakfast. I am not quite sure we refer to it as a breakfast because, by that time it was around 5pm.

The food was excellent, a great choice by Sarah and Wayne.

The speeches that followed were largely off-the-cuff and no worse for it. Instead of the normal formal, over prepared words, people spoke from their hearts.

After the speeches etc. it was time for the first dance and the band who were bloody good. It was like going to a wedding and being treated to a free live concert at the same time.

As the guests started to thin out and people had a few drinks, the mayhem started. One guy called Ian, kept us all amused by running around the dance floor, at one point carrying a chair. How he managed to miss hitting anyone en route was a mystery to all.

The second set by the band ended with my favourite Killers song, Mr Brightside. WOW, total respect! What a great end to the night. Well not quite the end because there was a disco to follow but by midnight, I just needed my bed.

I managed to take about 50 minutes of video during the day which will take me a few hours of work when we get back to Spain. Hopefully it will remind Sarah and Wayne of their very special day. 

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