Thursday, March 17, 2016

In my Liverpool home

Although I worked in Liverpool for 34 years and lived on the Wirral for all that time, I never felt truly at home there.

There is no denying that it is a city with some great beauty including the "Three Graces" shown in this photo that I found this morning on Flickr.

Now we all know that the three graces, as celebrated in classical literature and art, were the daughters of Jupiter (or Zeus in Greek mythology), and companions to the Muses. Thalia (youth and beauty) is accompanied by Euphrosyne (mirth), and Aglaia (elegance).

In Liverpool they are interpreted as The Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building - majestic architecture that greets you as you sail up the Mersey. I still recall the awe that I felt when, as an eleven year old, we returned to Liverpool from our 18 month stay in Canada.

There are many other magnificent buildings in Liverpool but there were some dreadful slums as well. My journeys along Scotland Road and my forages into Everton, Toxteth, Speke, Norris Green and Croxteth for example were a real eye opener.

I well remember being appalled by the so called "garden developments" that were hailed as a masterpiece of social engineering. In particular, Sir Thomas White's where youths would regularly take stolen cars, race them around inside the development and then set fire to them.

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Maria Ryder said...

Holla Keith, I still read your blog it keeps me in touch, many thanks. But Keith could you please refrain from running down my City Of Liverpool. A few weeks ago local yobs killed a serving police officer a PC DAVE Phillips running him down with a stolen van yes In Wirral. Just two nights ago the police helicopter was scrambled because local yobs were driving around in stolen cars and we're terrorising local residents,yes in Wirral.A few years ago the Guardian and the Observer wrote a story the title was called Enter The Dragon, they said that the estates in the Wirral were the worst in EUROPE to live in, yes the same Wirral. Two nice people l know left the Wirral and moved to an estate, we're they now live,local residents can only sell there homes at 70% of the market value.There is a children's swing park,vandalised,overgrown,and full of dog shit, you could not take your grandchildren near it. There is 19 houses which had squatters in, they gutted them and they are now rat infested, and left to fall to the ground.And yes this lovely couple that left the Wirral live only 300 metres from this squalid eye sore.Now Keith would you like to read that in the Wirral GLOBE, no I think not. And just outside Manchester City centre there is a little HAMLET it's called MOSS SIDE,you would not take your grandchildren no way. Again we have had great changes Liverpool, the biggest tourist visited outside London,83% hotel occupancy each weekend. Last year the Mail On Sunday published a report that Liverpool was the fifth safest place to visit In the UK ,Wirral was not listed. SO KEITH we can all make good and bad reports of all towns and places we live in. So with the greatest respect please no negatives about ANY places in the UK, apart from the lousy weather. Ho one more thing tell your son in law if he missed the match last night, tell him I have taped it, only joking. You have our best regards to you and Pamela. Jim and Maria Rydar