Friday, March 18, 2016

Three recommendations

Without local knowledge, finding somewhere decent to eat is pot luck.

Pam and I tend to stick to a few selected places that we have tried but then feel the need to widen our net especially when visitors are here.

Our Spanish teacher is a reliable source of information and so we asked him.  These were the three places that he felt offered the best food in the area.

Top of his list was Silvino in Almoradi (Av. Príncipe España, 8, 03160 Almoradí, Tel. 966 78 05 23). Antonio said that, in his opinion, Silvano produced the best food in the Vega Baja.

He then mentioned the seafood restaurant, Bar Joaquin in Orihuela (Av de Teodomiro, 18, 03300 Orihuela, Tel. 966 74 34 15) and finally, Punto Caliente in Benejuzar (Av. de las Canteras, 46, 03390 Benejúzar, Tel. 966 19 31 11).

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