Saturday, March 05, 2016

When a plan comes together

Tuesday night I felt just lousy and Wednesday morning I work up feeling worse. Wednesday night was the worst though, it was 3am before I finally got to sleep. Every time I thought I might finally drop off, I started to cough again. Three hours later I was woken up coughing yet again. Thursday night was better but I still woke up three times during the night.

This was not good because I was really looking forward to going with the band to Alicante. Fortunately I was well enough on Friday to pack my camera gear ready for the early morning trip. A 6:30am start and we were on the bus at 8am with tickets in hand.

Bigastro were first band to play and so I started to unpack my gear knowing that I really needed a pass to allow me to take photos. Now I know that my name was on the list but I couldn't find anyone that could verify that and the attendant was not going to take my word on it. Fortunately, my friend "Fonta" appeared and he had his pass already. He vouched for my authenticity and so I was able to continue.

I was ready with my audio recorder and camera set up when Bigastro stepped onto the stage. First off can  work against you but in Bigastro's case it worked to their advantage. After a flawless performance, they received rapturous applause.

How were the other bands going to perform though. The answer is very well and we did get to listen to some varied and interesting music. In the end though, it was clear that Bigastro were the winners and so when the results were announced, the band members were at the front in force along with the mayor and others. The hall erupted and the celebrations began.

This was the first big competition that Bigastro have won in a long time - all credit goes to the director, Diego and the members of the band. They did us proud and we are delighted for them.

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