Monday, April 11, 2016

Fashion show

The keen eyed readers of this blog will have noticed there are four new photo albums in the sidebar:
  • Eladia Estetica Integral contains photos of the models that my neighbour used to demonstrate her great skills with makeup for various occasions
  • Dancers from the Estafania Selfa School shows the opening routine that the dancers performed. There was a younger troupe of dancers later in the show but by then the light on the stage was low and it proved impossible to get any decent photos. I do apologise for that. 
  • Catwalk 1 is my album of photos from the first part of the show. At this time the sun was still high enough in the sky to provide plentiful light.
  • Catwalk 2 is the second part where the light from the sun had mostly gone and I was relying on the artificial lights that had been set up.

Since many of the models virtually ran down the catwalk it was tricky to get a steady exposure with the artificial lights which is why the second set are not quite as sharp as the first.

When it came to photographing Eladia and the models, the only light was those on the wall at the back of the stage which was very little and difficult to control. Still you take what you get and there is no point complaining!

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