Friday, April 01, 2016

Good to be back

We did have a fabulous time in Sale. The all important weather was mostly kind and we even saw sunshine.

Since we haven't seen our grandson, Rory, for a few months we did notice a huge difference. Such a character, he makes you laugh just to look at him and he is a real chatterbox.

Molly is losing her baby teeth starting with the front ones which sometimes makes it difficult to tell what she is saying. She is still delightful company - most of the time that is!

As for our children, Laura and Jemma are as busy as ever. I just wish we had the energy to keep up with them.

We were lucky flying to Manchester because we were between French air traffic controllers strikes. Not so lucky on the return though - there was nearly a two hour delay for take off and then we flew wide to avoid French air space which lengthened the flight. Still we arrived back safe and sound which is the most important thing.

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