Friday, April 08, 2016

The open sewer

Keeping the Segura river clean should be the responsibility of the Hydrographic Confederation de Segura. However, it seems that the contract for this work ran out months ago and has not been renewed.

There are complaints from towns along the path of the river down to Guardamar about increasing amounts of rubbish in the river that are, among other issues, causing noxious odours.

In Orihuela, municipal technicians fished out an armchair along with other items. In Rojales they have removed dead animals amongst the rubbish.

In the past, all sorts of odd items have been removed from the river including mopeds and bicycles.

Of course the responsibility lies in two directions; 1) people should be discouraged by whatever means from dumping rubbish into the river and 2) the CHS should resume their responsibility for keeping the river clean.

You could argue that the odd animal might stray into the water and drown but it is impossible for an armchair or any of the other items to make its way in there without human assistance.

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