Sunday, July 10, 2016

The gods were thirsty

Victor Barrio, 29, was gored in the bullring at Teruel in Aragon yesterday. He was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries. The last bullfighter to die in the ring was in 1985.

As tradition dictates, his name will be remembered along with that of the bull just as we remember Espartero and Perdigón, Joselito and Bailaor, Manolete and Islero, Paquirri and Avispado .  Barrio and Lorenzo will now be added to that list. The cow that gave birth to Lorenzo will be slaughtered.

In some British papers, those who oppose the whole idea of bullfighting have commented that this time the bull has won. No matter what your opinion is of bullfighting, it is sick to revel in the death of someone brave enough to face them armed only with a cape and sword.

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