Monday, April 22, 2019

A message from the Mayor

"One Easter Sunday, like today, but in 2015, I went to all of you to introduce myself as a candidate of the Popular Party to the mayoralty of Bigastro .

 Today, four years later, I address you again with the same enthusiasm and commitment of that day, to tell you that I have accepted once again the challenge of "leading the bid to govern Bigastro during the next 4 years."

I must confess that, on that Easter Sunday, I was overcome by uncertainty, as I had no experience in politics and public management. My professional career had been developed up to that point in the business and teaching fields, but always in the private sector. But I had the conviction that with the help of the people who accompanied me in that new project, we would win your trust, and what with our commitment and work, we would do a good management of the municipal government that would not disappoint you.

 During these four years, we have worked with enthusiasm, with courage and without sparing time and effort to fulfil that promise that, after four years, our people people would be better off. I hope you agree, because our reward is your satisfaction.

I want to thank you for the trust that you placed in me four years ago and in the team of people that formed the Popular Party candidacy, because thanks to your support at that time and throughout the legislature, we were able to carry out the project that filled us with hope and confidence.

 I also want to apologise for the mistakes that we have made and the decisions that may have hurt you, but I assure you that we have always tried to make the decisions that affect our people from the path that marks the legality and justice, understood the latter as those actions that benefit a greater number of people, the damage being inevitable in others.

Being the mayor of Bigastro, has been one of my best experiences along with the satisfaction of being a mother and creating a family with my beloved husband. Representing my people and their friendly neighbours is an honour and a pride that I can not express in words.

Like in any life experience, there has been moments of satisfaction and, of course, some grief, which I have been able to share with my fellow councillors and all the people that make up the human team of the Town Hall of Bigastro.

Today, with the same enthusiasm and with more experience, I have the necessary strength to continue with the project to improve Bigastro that we started four years ago.

Some of my travel companions will not continue to accompany me on this exciting journey, and others will join us to reach our goal.

Next Thursday, April 25th, we will hold the presentation of the new Popular Bigastro candidacy for the 2019-2023 term. An act in which we will present the new candidates and at the same time pay homage to those companions that kept intact their commitment to their party and their people but have now decided to leave the front line to continue working on this project from another field.

I want to make public and share with you all my deepest and sincere thanks to the brave councillors for the work and commitment they have shown towards our people. To those who have shared government responsibilities, and to those who have carried out the necessary and legitimate opposition work. The dedication to public service is a sign of generosity that deserves all the recognition of our society, and more than ever now, that this work seeks to discredit irresponsibly by some social factions that are unable to understand the need and importance of politics in our lives, and that there are people prepared and committed to ensure the common good.

I finish with a message of hope: "Bigastro is worth it, and to work to improve it is our obligation as citizens of this small town in territory, but big in values." You can follow all the activities related to the election campaign on the Facebook page that we have created to inform you."

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