Monday, April 22, 2019

A touch of the Andy Warhols.

The PP are about to launch their campaign for the local election in May. As a first step, the lady mayor has created a website of her own to tell us what she stands for.

This is what she says:

Good afternoon neighbours of Bigastro,

My name is Teresa María Belmonte Sánchez, and for those of you who do not know me yet, I will tell you a little about myself.

I live and work in Bigastro, the town where I was born 45 years ago.

I am the daughter of Manolo (the de la Marre) and Tere (the one in the garage); wife of Marco Antonio (the biggest saga of Quino Evaristo), and mother of my two treasures, Carmen and Marco (still without nickname, I think ...).

My life goes on like most of the women in Bigastro, reconciling my roles as mother, wife, daughter and worker.

Like many of you, I worry about the  future,  and I live the present trying not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Tolerance  and  honesty  are my guides. I try to think what I say, say what I think, and do what I say, and I make an effort to do so, being aware that, my freedom ends where the one that I have by my side begins.

I feel proud to be Bigastrense, and I want my town to be a place where every day lives are better.

I want  Bigastro to be a thriving town where you can go out for a walk in a safe and clean environment. I want a variety of places  to do my shopping, and a cultural venues that encourages me to go out and meet my friends in bars, restaurants, cafes and pubs that innovate to create an atmosphere. I want to feel that I live in an exemplary town that has quality public services where health, education, sports, culture, social assistance, ... are in continuous improvement.

I want Bigastro to be a benchmark in the recovery of the region , and to adapt dynamically to the changes that are taking place in society and economy worldwide. And that the necessary conditions are given, so that innovative and sustainable companies capable of generating quality jobs are developed.

Once again I have taken a step forward to achieve what I want, and I have accepted the challenge they have proposed to me: " to lead the candidacy for Bigastro and govern for the next 4 years ."

And I will achieve it, rather, we will achieve together all the residents of Bigastro.

And we will do it together because  Bigastro has an honest, proud and hard-working people , who do not give in to adversity, and who know how to regenerate in order to seek a better future.

It has always been that way, and it will continue to be so.

And as the great Adolfo Suarez said, "I can promise, and I promise," that  in four years we will be better.

In a few days you can meet my travel companions.

Day by day they will be presented so that you can appreciate their many  qualities . Qualities that make them the ideal candidates to carry out this important  challenge  to which we have committed ourselves.

I am accompanied by 12 women and men with sufficient training and experience to be able to undertake the improvements that Bigastro demands. People capable of giving the most advantageous solution for our people. Able to use public money under the principles of transparency and efficiency, because public money, our tax dollars, are for everyone and we must work with common sense.

During these weeks I hope to be able to communicate with you through social networks. To  listen to what concern you; know your ideas and proposals to improve our town, and have the opportunity to discuss them to reach the best conclusions together.

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