Saturday, March 14, 2020

Maximum alert for coronavirus - Spain shuts down

 The Government of Spain and the Generalitat Valenciana have taken emergency measures  to try to slow the progress of the epidemic. Pedro Sánchez , in an extraordinary appearance, announced the state of alarm for at least 15 days through a royal decree that the Council of Ministers will approve today to deal with this health pandemic. In turn, after the postponement of popular festivals and the indefinite closure of schools, Ximo Puig decreed in the Community the closure of bars, restaurants, discos and gyms to avoid sources of contagion; announced the suspension of cultural activities; and took control of private healthcare.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that the battle will be long, but he showed firm conviction. "We are going to beat this virus," he said. It is your most urgent challenge. The contagion advances unstoppably and the numbers are devastating. The cases have risen to  4,231 infected and 121 people have already died , according to the count of the Ministry of Health. In the Valencian Community there are already 148 cases - yesterday thirty more in a single day, among them the one of the general director of Public Health - and the first death has been registered in Alicante. The Government, as Pedro Sánchez himself explained, is considering that the 10,000 infected will be reached in the coming days.

From Madrid to Valencia
The outbreak of the pandemic has led to drastic measures in all communities. Both the Prime Minister and the Head of the Consell, Ximo Puig, insisted on the responsibility of citizens to avoid concentration in public spaces, as emphasized by all health professionals. The Valencian Government has decreed the closure of all cultural, sports and leisure activities, both public and private spaces, as well as day and occupational centers in the Community to limit the spread of the virus. This was announced by the President of the Generalitat, who after presiding over a new meeting of the table for prevention and action against the coronarivus, indicated that these are "necessary measures to combat this situation".

The meaures include the suspension of the opening to the public of cultural centres, museums, theatres, libraries, cinemas, cancellation of shows on public roads as well as all sports events. In addition, the closing of discotheques is decreed, the activity of bars, restaurants, cafes, bullfighting in the bullring, the bous al carrer celebrations and animal shows are suspended. Limit movement on the street.

However, they made it clear that the suspension of the hospitality industry does not affect the food delivery service that these establishments are deploying. It also includes the closing of gyms, swimming pools and establishments where sports activities take place. In the social sphere, the activity of day centers, occupational centers, early care centers and day centers is suspended. After meeting with distribution companies in the commercial sector and consumer associations to analyze the situation, Ximo Puig wanted to thank the attitude of the Valencian citizens towards this situation and indicated that during these days all the measures they consider necessary to combat this situation will be taken », Which did not rule out adopting new resolutions.

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