Sunday, March 15, 2020

Take note folks

The police are carrying out patrols in the towns of the Vega Baja to ensure people comply with the measures adopted in the State of Alarm

The declaration of the State of Alarm obliges us all to change our way of life for at least the next 15 days during which the Government has restricted the movement of people and vehicles, and decreed the closure of schools, bars, restaurants, cinemas and any other establishment that does not dispense essential goods to stop the expansion of the Coronavirus.

The restrictions to individual rights and freedoms reduce the use of the road and public life , both for pedestrians and for vehicles, for the following cases: acquisition of food, products pharmaceuticals or basic necessities, going to work, assistance to health centres, travel to financial institutions or for any activity of major cause or situation of need.

The local police of the different municipalities of the Vega Baja are calling for the residents to comply with these restrictions.  Bigastro Local Police remind us that we cannot take part in activities such as going for a run, walking the dog or going out on a bicycle.

Failure to comply with the rules and disobedience to the Authorities could lead to a fine of € 601 to € 30,000 explains the Local Police.

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