Thursday, August 27, 2020

What is going on?

 To be fair, it is a long time since we had major problems with electricity here at Villas Andrea. When we first arrived and  were on "builder's supply",  it was a lottery. You could have periods of hours without electricity and even when it was on, the voltage varied quite a bit. Once we were connected to the National Grid, things improved a lot although there have been the odd blips. 

My Smart UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply or battery backup) has been sending messages to say that there have been a couple of power cuts over the last week or so but generally, there have been no interruptions during the daytime. 

Apart from the email messages that the UPS sends, the clock on the oven goes back to 12:00 and needs resetting. They are both sure signs that we have had problems. 

Previously, I had my Internet router connected to the UPS and so we did not lose our connection when the power went off.  Now that we have a fibre connection though, we have the supplied router in our bedroom acting as a modem and a wireless router in the spare room that connects everything to the network. Neither of these are powered via the UPS and so, when the electricity goes off, so does our connection to the Internet. 

Far more serious though, with the electricity off, we can't make that vital first cup of tea in the morning. In desperation, one time I went outside and boiled water on my gas barbecue but that needs cleaning after last night's meal. For now, the electricity is back on and I have my brew by my side, let's hope it stays that way. 


The good news is that the electricity is back on, the bad news is that the water has now gone off. The even worse news is that, now the water is back on, there is a leak in the street outside our neighbour's house. The water has found a route from there down to the pavement outside our shed creating a long crack in our walls on the way.

Friday:- we now have two men digging down to find and hopefully repair the leak. Once they have done that, I expect them to come and repair our walls.  

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