Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Where are all the sick people

 When we came back from England in March, I needed to go to the Medical Centre in Bigastro to have my knee redressed. I went several times and on each occasion there was nobody in the waiting room. The seating had been sorted with tape on alternate seats but it wasn't needed because there wasn't anyone about apart from the staff.  

I had an appointment at the hospital for my regular checkup following radiotherapy four years ago but was told that would be cancelled and in any case I couldn't have the blood analysis that precedes those appointments. 

Realising it was essential, I made a new appointment at the hospital for next week and went down this morning for my blood analysis. 

In the past, there has always been a gathering of over a dozen people waiting for their blood analysis. This morning, I was the only one and the waiting area was still empty. 

This leads me to wonder, where are all the people who would normally be filling the medical centre? 

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