Monday, December 21, 2020

Britain in crisis

Britain is facing what the Americans call a 'perfect storm'. 

The port of Dover is completely shut. Normally, tens of thousands of lorries would travel through the port on the run up to Christmas carrying stocks of food etc. 

France has imposed a 48 hour ban on traffic from the UK because of the rapid spread of the new variant of Covid 19 in the South. There were more than 35,000 new cases in the country yesterday, the largest number recorded during the pandemic and almost double the number a week ago. 

Other European countries will likely follow France's lead leaving no route for goods to and from the UK.

Add to this, the Post Office is overloaded with Christmas parcels that it simply can't deliver. This is all adding up to a pretty bleak Christmas. 

If that was not enough, Britain is due to leave the transition period on the 31st with or without a deal.  Either way will create problems but  of the two, a no deal Brexit would be worse especially coming  on top of those caused by Covid. 

So, realistically Johnson desperately needs some sort of deal. However, if he caves in and accepts the EU terms, then he is doomed. He needs to make a decision soon and whatever he decides will not be popular.   


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