Tuesday, July 18, 2023

An update to a previous post.


On your wall

 This is what my painting would look like on your wall. 

In spite of the many highly favorable comments on Facebook, nobody has so far ordered a copy of my painting. I ask myself, "why is that?". Is the picture too large, the price too high or maybe they just don't want San Joaquin on their walls.

The cost of printing on canvas is just less than 38 Euros so the donation to charity is a mere 12 Euros. There is no point in me doing this, if there is no gain for someone. Smaller sizes are not much cheaper because the size I painted this is on special offer. 

I actually ordered one copy which I may end up giving to the Brotherhood of San Joaquin - only if they want it of course!

NB In the photo print, part of the original painting is on the edge of the frame. Also, the original is on a canvas 61 x 38 - the print is 60 x 40. 

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