Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Calling all cooks

One of the highlights of the Bigastro August Fiesta is the International Gastronomic day when the different nationalities living here produce food which is typical of their respective countries.

The first year we were here there was a strong British contingent offering all sorts of traditional foods from baked beans, sausage and mash to crumble and custard. There was even a delicious scouse which the Spaniards found hard to understand.

Last year there was nothing - not even a pork pie. Frankly it was embarrassing!

So this year we need to make the effort to show what we can do. We need as many people as possible to attend the first meeting at the Social Centre on the 19th July at 9:30pm.

The deal is that you prepare the food and the Town Hall pay for the ingredients so nobody is out of pocket.

I understand that the Residents' Committee have been approached to organise this. When they come round - give them your support.

Let's show Bigastro what good food we British can make.

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