Monday, July 09, 2007

League of Nations

Torrevieja now has over 100,000 registered inhabitants of which more than half are foreigners. To be precise there are 52,707 foreigners from a hundred different nationalities living there according to the City Council.

The largest group are from the United Kingdom with 12,352 citizens, the Scandinavian Countries with 5,797, and Germany with 3,638.

Of the other groups there are 2,993 Moroccans; 2,796 Russians; 2,516 Colombians; 2,224 Ukrainians; 1,891 Bulgarians; 1,849 Rumanians; 1,802 Ecuadorians; 1,420 Brazillians; 1,381 Belgiums; 1,045 Argentinians and 1,024 Italians. With less of a thousand of people registered there are from: Ireland (906), China (725), Chile (669), Uruguay (615) Lituania (578), the Netherlands (542), France (524) and Poland (508).

So when you visit the town don't expect the people you meet to be Spanish because the chances are they aren't.

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