Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sensible planning

The association of builders Procosta appealed yesterday to  the political and social  forces of the region to defend the image of the Costa Blanca and save the future economy of the Vega Baja

They maintain that the economy of the region depends on residential  tourism and its derived services.  

Procosta blame the sluggish sales of houses on the poor image that the region has in the UK press. 

Procosta demand a Plan of Territorial Action for the Region  (PACT) that sets out the  city-planning development for the Vega Baja. 

Procosta claim that development of urbanizable land should be seen as part of an overall plan which takes account of the problems of each municipality. Too often, they say,  the development of towns becomes embroiled in social and ecological arguments that lead to piecemeal development. In other words it isn't just about building houses without considering the other services that go with them.

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