Friday, July 13, 2007

Flying yorkie

We walked down to the market yesterday because quite frankly we need the exercise and in any case short journeys are never good for the car.

As we passed this house we heard a dog growl. When we turned to see what it was a Yorkshire Terrier flew off the top of the garden wall  in front of me and landed seven foot down on the pavement. 

Cats often make such jumps but rarely dogs. Anyway the scruffy mite looked a little dazed, picked itself up and tried to find a way back into the garden.

Of course all the gates were locked so there was no way back in for the little pooch. I did think of picking it up and throwing it back over the gate. I reasoned that It had survived one fall but it might not survive two. So we left the dog to wonder how it could regain entry to its home.

The dog wasn't there when we walked back so presumably the owners had returned and let it back in. I expect they wondered how the b***** had got out in the first place. Just as well we didn't see them because our Spanish isn't up to that sort of explanation.


Richard said...

Never mind throwing it back over the gates, you should have launched the aggressive little git over the house. See if he likes that fall. Aren't dogs banned under international law yet?

Keith & Pam Williamson said...

Shame on you. These people love their little dogs.

They apparently make good guard dogs because they have very good hearing and will bark at the slightest sound.