Sunday, September 10, 2006

On to the next job

I finished the fence yesterday. Just by a stroke of luck whowever had been to visit next door hadn't locked the gate. That meant that I could add some extra wire ties poking them through from my side and twisting them tight on their side. Hopefully the fence will stay up this time!

Today's job is the garden. I've already made a start removing the larger weeds. Now I've got to hoe the smaller weeds, do a bit of pruning, replace some of the dead plants (mainly lavenders) and tie up the bougainvilleas which have grown like mad since I went away.

Then I need to clean the car which looks like it has been on safari for a month, jet wash the paving and clear up the dead flowers from the roof terrace. Oh yes and mop the porch where next door's cat has left its muddy prints.

Pam comes back on Wednesday so by then I'll also have to get the shopping, change the bedding and towels and generally clean round.

My apologies to friends in the UK but I won't be coming for a two week stay in August again. Apart from all the work I've had to do on my return, I missed the end of the fiesta!

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