Thursday, September 07, 2006


When I arrived back on Tuesday night I noticed a gathering of people on Avenida Europa where John and Jean live. What I thought was a party of sorts was in fact a protest meeting.

Avenida Europa has been dug up both sides to lay piping. The first pipes were the drainage from the Road up to our estate. The second lot are for the telephone cables that we have long waited for at Villas Andrea. It looks like they are planning to dig a third set of pipes for water. Once the pipes are laid they fill the trenches in the road with soil which of course becomes mud when it rains and blows dust storms in the wind. At the moment there is a 6 foot strip of tarmac in the middle the rest is just a dirt track.

The people living on Avenida Europa (all Spanish except for John and Jean) have decided enough is enough. The meeting on Tuesday was to present the local police with a petition. The deal was if they haven't had a satisfactory reply by Saturday they are going to blockade the road on Sunday. I'm not quite sure what that will achieve but I suppose they feel they have to do something.


Apparently it will be two weeks before they get an answer from the council so the blockade has been delayed until then.

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