Thursday, September 07, 2006

Waiting for me

The mossies were obviously waiting for my return deprived of their drop of blood for two weeks. I was only out in the garden for ten minutes or so on Tuesday night when I got back but that was long enough for the buggers to give me four bites. Damn.

Mostly the garden is fine and some things have done well whilst I was away. I should have staked the tomatoes though because the fruit has rotted on the ground. The pool had some leaves that had crept round the cover and some dust on the bottom otherwise it was also OK.

The biggest problem has been the cane fencing. Quite a few sections had come down whilst I was away. John from down the road had spent a few hours putting a lot of it back up but there are still quite a few sections to put back . The problem is that the nylon ties I used have rotted in the sun and snapped.

John reckons I should abandon the cane stuff and put the green fake hedging up because it is lighter and lets the wind through. We hate that stuff though. It looks tacky and the colour fades badly in the sun. If we continue to have a problem I might have to find a builder who will build the side wall up to 2m. That would give us total privacy when we are by the pool.

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