Monday, September 11, 2006

Will it pass inspection?

I spent most of yesterday working in the garden. I also mopped the porch to get rid of those paw prints that were annoying me and cleaned the car. By the time I had done I was pretty well knackered. Working outdoors when the humidity is high and the temperature is 28 degrees saps the strength out of me. Watching the locals working on building sites makes me wonder just how do they do it. I've come to the conclusion that Spain is a better place to be retired than working.

Anyway I now have a second boot full of rubbish to get rid of. Once I have got rid of that, I need to vacuum the dead flower heads of the roof terrace. Oleander was perhaps not the best plant to use up there. They drop dead flower heads daily and make a mess of an area that used to be pristine. Still they are there now and unless they die off they are staying there.

The question is though; will Pamela think I've done a good job. Maybe I should have taken before shots with my camera just to show her how much work I've had to do.

PS Good job I finished that fence on Saturday because there were people around next door all day yesterday. If they had spotted me twisting my bits of wire they might have called the police. I'm not sure how I would have explained what I was doing in Spanish.

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