Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finished with football

As everyone who knows me understands I am not a football fan. I rarely if ever watch a game and have no interest in any particular team.

However, when the team from my place of birth and the team from the city where I worked are involved in major trophies I feel it is only right to make a special effort.

Saturday I was routing for the reds of Manchester who should have beaten Chelsea with that goal by Ryan Giggs. Last night I was routing for the reds of Liverpool who should have beaten Inter Milan on their performance in the first half.

So that is it - no more football. If the team I'm supporting can't win then I'm not interested!

1 comment:

Angela Norris said...

Southern Softies 1 Northern Hardmen 0
Say no more.....
I'm wearing my England shirt and waiting for next Friday when we take on Brazil.
Oh yes.