Monday, May 21, 2007

Nailing your colours to the mast

We've now had the chance to listen to both of the main contenders for the election and to read their manifestos in English.

How do we make a choice? The PSOE party have been in power for 24 years with the same Mayor for the whole of that period. On the other hand the PP party have had little influence in the town during that period.

So is it time for a change? It goes without saying that a change could make matters better or it might make them worse. Maintaining the status quo is easier but is it the best option?

It makes sense to sell off assets i.e. land that is surplus to your requirements and then use the money to pay for something beneficial. It is not a policy that you can continue year in year out though as the Labour Council in Liverpool found out their cost in the 80s. At some point you have to balance your normal income with your expenditure. When will the PSOE decide that is what they have to do?

The PP party on the other hand are promising a lot which is what most political parties in opposition would do. Whether they can deliver their promises and at the same time remain solvent is a good question. Where will they find the money to develop their ambitious plans whilst at the same time buying back the land that has already been sold?

There are only six days left to decide. It should be interesting.

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