Monday, May 28, 2007

Status quo

It seems that the PSOE (socialist) party maintained control over Bigastro. So Jose Joaquin Moya Esquiva will continue to lead the town for a further four years taking his total time as Mayor to 28 years.

I don't know the figures yet i.e. the turn out and the margin. Four years ago it was a close fought election so it will be interesting to see whether things have changed this time round.

When you consider that 50% of the employment in Bigastro is in the construction industry it is easy to understand why Bigastrense might have been wary of the PP manifesto which talked about a slowing down of population growth and stopping plans for new development. Local people obviously believe that the PSOE proposal to allow the town to grow by a further 30% will mean that those jobs are secure for the near future.

Let us hope that the necessary infrastructure is available to sustain that growth; particularly water resources. Let us also hope that, in a market where house sales have slowed right down, the town can attract a broader range of employment opportunities for the future. More to the point though, let us hope that the Council can balance its books without selling off more of its land resources.

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