Sunday, May 13, 2007

San Isidro

It was a hot day yesterday to carry San Isidro up from the church to the hermitage up at the Pedrera. I imagine the people who accompanied him were glad of the watering stops and even more pleased when the reached the top of the hill at the Pedrera. The procession left the church, following a special mass, at about 11:00am .

Pilgrims accompanying San Isidro

Carrying San Isidro up the hill

Safely in the Hermitage at the Pedrera

He carries shoes in his left hand

Les the English camarero

Once San Isidro was in place the party began. There was wine and plenty of beer all donated by local firms and bars. Then there was bean soup, sardines and of course the giant paella which was delicious.

At about 8pm San Isidro was taken back down to the church where he will stay until next year.

PS Does anybody know the significance of the shoes?

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