Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lots to see

The Homes and Garden Show yesterday was very good. There was a lot to see and take in, plenty of freebies and piles of literature to bring home.

Jilly Golden is actually a lot older than her publicity photograph suggests but Handy Andy is just as youthful looking as we remember him from Changing Rooms. Actually DIY Dave from the Round Town News was much more informative and helpful with the real problems that DIYers face here in Spain. We didn't get to see Kevin Woodford cook in 20 minutes because there was rarely a free seat on the stand where he was demonstrating. Since we are just about the oldest things in our house we didn't bother with the Bonham's stand and Eric Knowles.

On hand were various beauty treatments, hair dressing and even eye testing. For sale were all sorts of gadgets and devices along with the usual spas and garden furniture. For the more ambitious spender there were cars and boats to order.

So an interesting but exhausting day. For those who missed yesterday, the show is open today as well but only after you have been to vote!

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