Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Climate change

Britain changed from barmy to balmy yesterday as the country saw the highest temperatures ever recorded for the middle of February. The thermometer reached 18 degrees in Wales which must have made it feel like Summer.

Here in Bigastro it was damn cold and rainy for much of the day. 

Last night, people arriving at San Javier airport from the UK in T-shirts were quickly donning coats and sweaters. I couldn't help but feel sorry for those who'd were out here for a break at school half term. The watery sun which is trying to break through the cloud banks this morning will hopefully make them feel a little better.

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Pete said...

Tell me about it! I took off from Manchester on Wednesday on a glorious clear day. The weather was beautiful all the way to 300 feet above Brussels. Then it turned into grisly, miserable ground fog. Fortunately I was only there for two hours. My ultimate destination was Helsinki, where I still am. And if you think you need your coat on over there, you'll shudder sympathetically when I tell you that today began by looking out of the window at 9am to check the thermometer and seeing it reading...-13 centrigrade!